Financial Advisors Perth

Financial Advisors Perth

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Our financial planners offer financial planning services in Perth Western Australia utilising proven financial strategiesĀ and expert financial investment advice. Contact Us Today for your FREE Financial Planning Consultation.


Paul Holly

Director & Financial Advisor

Im a Financial Advisor in Perth & have an Accounting background and I have been in Financial Planning for the past 15 years. For the first 13 of those 15 years I was searching for ways to provide more value to my clients and I finally found this when I joined my licensee GPS Wealth Ltd just over 2 years ago.

My passion is helping people to achieve their goals. Most people have financial success in their top 3 goals alongside health and family and the reality is that 90% of people are retiring on less than $500,000 besides their house. We believe that $500,000 is the bare minimum for a comfortable retirement and therefore that leaves only 10% of people that are getting it right financially. We call this the Wealth Paradox and we aim to get all of our clients into the 10% of people that are financially successful.


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