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Great financial advice is what every Australian is looking for but not every Australian has access to truly great financial advice. Our aim here at Great Financial Advice™ is to give all Australians the opportunity to receive the advice they want and deserve. Any financial advisors or planners listed on this website is because they passed our strict verification method to ensure they give great financial advice.

To be listed on Great Financial Advice™ the financial planners and advisors need to satisfy the following requirements.

Professional Association Members

The Financial Planners who are awarded the Great Financial Advice certification need to be part of a professional association in the Financial Planning Industry.  Only members of Australian Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) or the Financial Planning Association of  Australia (FPA) are recognised.

5 Years + Senior Financial Advising Experience

Selected Financial Advisors are required to have at least 5 years experience as a Senior Financial Advisor / Planner to be certified Being a Trusted Advisor requires individuals to not only have the technical knowledge to help their clients but also a deeper understanding of helping clients on their journey by truly understanding whats important to them. This only comes with a number of years working with clients.

Independent Financial Advisors

An important consideration is that Financial Planners that have been selected under the Great Financial Advice accreditation process requires their Financial Planning practices to be Independently Owned.  Why the focus on this? Your goals, whats important to YOU and financial planning strategy comes first product selection is last.  This allows your trusted advisor to provide you with highly personalised advice with large institutional pressures.

Awarded Financial Advisers

To be eligible Financial Planners accredited are required to be recognised by the Financial Planning Industry either through a Professional Association Award (FPA or AFA) or by the advisors planning Group that is governed by ASIC.  These awards range from Financial Planning practice of the year, Financial Planner of the Year & Financial Planning Rising Star awards.  Recognition and winning these awards is only achieved by the top financial advisors in the country.

ASIC Compliant

ASIC monitors and regulates the Financial Planning Industry – Just recently ASIC have updated their Financial Adviser register to include things such as employment history, compliance record and Authorised representative status. As part of the process we have therefore ensured Financial Advisers that are accredited have an impeccable record with the ASIC register giving you further peace of mind that these advisers are truly professional.

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