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Great Financial Advice™ was set up with the aim to ensure every Australian as the opportunity to receive truly great financial advice. Great Financial Advice™ is your best resource when it comes to choosing the appropriate financial advisor or planner for you and your financial future.

What To Ask Your Financial Advisor

Knowing what to ask a financial advisor in your first meeting is critical to ensure you’re receiving great financial advice.

5 Years + Senior Financial Advising Experience

Selected Financial Advisors are required to have at least 5 years experience as a Senior Financial Advisor / Planner to be certified Being a Trusted Advisor requires individuals to not only have the technical knowledge to help their clients but also a deeper understanding of helping clients on their journey by truly understanding whats important to them. This only comes with a number of years working with clients.

Frequently Asked Financial Advice Questions

For many Australians, there is a lot of confusion with the financial planning jargon.

Financial Advisors In 4 Major Cities

Our network is growing every day as we move towards achieving our goal of giving every Australian access to great financial advice we have set up our network in 4 major cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Obligation Free Initial Meeting

All of the financial advisors and planners featured on Great Financial Advice™ have agreed to offer an initial meeting for all of our website enquiries. This way the advisor can get a solid understanding of your current situation before giving any advice on your situation.

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To ensure our Great Financial Advisors™ are right for you, all of the advisors and planners listed on this website will provide you with an obligation and cost free initial meeting to ensure you get great financial advice.

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